Duffywich city

Rather unusually I've eaten out another three times since last week. I remember hearing a statistic that Americans eat something like 1 of every 3 meals 'out' (whatever that means) and I thought 'what the hell?! Doesn't anybody cook?', then have found myself eating out a TON in the last week.

In the last week, we twice went to Duffeyrolls. They now have a new location right near the Louisana Pearl lightrail stop. It's cozy and has free wireless and when I went in Thursday morning for a breakfast sandwich, I was pleasantly please to see how bustling it was. We ordered egg sandwiches and sat to wait. Very quickly later, we were brought our sandwiches and each came with a mini Duffeyroll (I always try to remember to ask that they not give me one as it always seems a bit over the top, but it conveniently slips my mind almost every time).

I had an egg sandwich that they let me customize without so much as a blink. Scrambled eggs, fresh tomato, sprouts and cheddar cheese on lightly toasted focciaca bread. I'm not a person that often eats a 'breakfast sandwich' unless you count some greasy concontion at the Breakfast King (or worse yet, a morning patty melt which is very telling of the previous night's activities), but I was pleasantly surprised by this particular breakfast. It was light, yet filling. The vegetables were very fresh and the service was efficient and friendly. My companions had sandwiches with eggs, ham and cheese and reported the same enjoyment. Breakfast disappeared pretty fast.

Oh, and those mini Duffeyrolls? They were gone. Perfect size. Well, maybe the giant ones are the perfect size, but I feel better about myself eating the small one.

I won't go in to details on the next visit, except to embarassingly admit that it was only about 56 hours later (what?? Don't I cook??) and we had a bit of lunch...well sort of had lunch. My husband had the same breakfast sandwich he had two days before, which is a testament to its goodness, as he's someone who finds something he loves then settles in on it never to budge. I had a veggie sandwich on multigrain bread (WHY can't people serve WHOLE WHEAT bread...ok, another day, another post) and it was delicious. Same good service, same good food. Though I'd rather have a side of chips than another mini Duffeyroll. And you have to pay extra for chips.

Extremely minor complaints aside, I think Duffeyrolls is great. I've only been to the LP lightrail location, so I can't speak to Happy Canyon, but I'm guessing it must be just as good!

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