Have you made it to Fisher Clark Deli yet? If not, shame on you. If you are a sandwich lover, a fresh bread lover, a dessert lover, or a deli lover, you are MISSING OUT.

After a walk in the park on this perfect, sunny morning, we headed over to Bonnie Brae to grab a sandwich (well, to be real, you grab very little there. You patiently wait while they hand craft their fantastic sammies for you). Husband had the egg salad (which they must have changed the recipe for and frankly neither of us was too keen, but it's literally the first thing we haven't enjoyed 100% there!) and I had the Friday special, which was a turkey sandwich with Gorgonzola cheesecake and carmelized onions. Yes, I should be eating like a monk for the rest of the day.

The sandwich is lightly toasted and layered with house made carmelized onions that are dark, sticky and sweet. Next there is high quality deli shaved turkey, covered by lettuce and the unfathomably decadent gorgonzola cheesecake. As you eat it, you keep wondering how it could possibly be so creamy, then you guiltily remember what you're eating.

I have a well-honed appetite and generally am a member in good standing of the clean plate club, but this sandwich bested me. I had to pop a quarter of it into the fridge. I just couldn't make it.

We can vouch for most of the sandwiches on the menu. I'd encourage you to be adventurous. Their soups are terrific as well. Seating is limited, though there are cute outdoor tables for warm days.

I often used to struggle to think of a place to have a 'really good' sandwich close to home. Now I don't have to think at all.

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